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Message from President and CEO

The meaning of the three waves shown on our logo

Century logo was created by one of our company founders,
Mr. Hirohisa Kagawa (deceased) who is also the first president and CEO of Century.
The logo shows the idea of "Three Generations".

We have crossed the past, present, and future, "Three Generations".
We are thankful for, and learn from the past.
We are also diligent, honest, and work hard for the present.

Toward the bright future, we always do our best to "meet the customers' needs".

Every employee of our company will keep in mind our logo's concept of
the "Three Generation".
Let us be a company able to make contributions to society.
As human beings, let us become passionate, useful people who live our lives in the "now".

Kazunari Shozen

President and CEO Kazunari Shozen